tumblr_nfal0rjTSv1sh5j3eo1_500This week has been full of Julian and The Voidz goodness, for me.

Not only did I see them on Tuesday in Chicago (I loved the show, and hearing Ize of the World totally caught me off guard), but a few good interviews have hit the internet recently. The big one is NME’s cover story.

The other one I found interesting is a Q&A with KUCI in Irvine. He talks about working on a full-length version of I Like The Night at the end.


Update: Read the entire article here.

Julian recently did an interview with Huck Magazine that was posted about by NME, and it covers several interesting topics.

On why he started Cult Records: “I think to work on music, on art, on the delivery – and then at the last second to just give it to someone who totally doesn’t understand what you’re doing – in the past that’s been a bummer. With Cult, for one thing, the record price can be cheap. That’s been a problem before. Also, people would show me awesome bands, or songs. Now if someone asks me for advice, I say, ‘Sure, if you want to put it out we can do this thing’. It was just a chance to figure out how to put out records our own way.”

On iTunes: “It’s the hope to have an outlet. It’s about trying to make every album , every song, the level of quality people can trust in. And to be a source for tastemakers. Like, every era has their TV, or iTunes. iTunes is such a negative force on music. So we’re just trying to counter that.

“People just go to iTunes to see what the new records are. And the best records are not there – they’re buried. So people think, ‘Oh it doesn’t exist.’ But they just don’t know about it.”

He also said that he hopes The Strokes release their future records on Cult, according to NME.


Updated: It’s been confirmed.

This was unveiled on a building in Barcelona recently:


The festival did the same thing with Arcade Fire a year ago. It looks like The Strokes will play at least one concert in Europe in 2015.


KROQ interviews Julian Casablancas, Jake from The Voidz

November 6, 2014

Update: Here’s another long interview. I enjoyed this:

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Everything’s cool with The Strokes

October 20, 2014

2nd, there were times with theStrokes when maybe we had some issues, but they are resolved now (and have been for a little while now) — Julian Casablancas (@Casablancas_J) October 20, 2014 and i very much enjoy playing with them! — Julian Casablancas (@Casablancas_J) October 20, 2014

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Listen: Julian Casablancas + The Voidz on Sirius XM

October 16, 2014

Listen to M.A.D. here. Father Electricity here. Where No Eagles Fly here. Also, here is a recent interview Julian did with a radio station in Philly.

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Julian Casablancas on how he feels about The Strokes

October 15, 2014

Rolling Stone has posted its article about Julian online. It can be read here. The story winds through some familiar terrain and includes a few things Strokes fans will find interesting (they’re posted below) before getting to the final paragraph, which packs a wallop and speaks volumes about why Julian hasn’t wanted to tour with The […]

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