There isn’t a glaring news hook in Vice’s in-depth interview with Albert Hammond Jr., like that The Strokes’ Hyde Park gig might be the band’s last ever. But it’s interesting and enjoyable to see Albert get in depth about his new record, his maturation and much more.

Check it out here. The interview coincides with new AHJ UK tour dates and a live performance of Losing Touch:



The Strokes Perform At The Natural History MuseumIn an interview with BBC6 Music, Albert was asked if The Strokes are working on new songs. His response:

“No. I don’t even know if we’re going to play any more shows. … I don’t know if London might be our last show, you know what I mean? People think I’m lying but I’m just tired of trying to make some positive spin, but I’ve got no idea. So I take each one like it’s my last and I hold and I cherish it.”

The Strokes are scheduled to play Landmark Music Festival and Austin City Limits following their Hyde Park gig. The state of the band, given the three side projects and Albert’s comments, doesn’t seem very strong.

With that said, the way I read the comments is that he tries to treat every show as if it’s his last one, which is a cliche in sports and I’d imagine a healthy way to approach performing live. I’m hoping that Albert’s just sick of answering the same question. After all, he’s on record as saying he’d like to tour as much as possible, so he’s clearly not the reason The Strokes haven’t toured more often.


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