The Strokes are playing Primavera Sound 2015

November 11, 2014

Updated: It’s been confirmed. This was unveiled on a building in Barcelona recently: The festival did the same thing with Arcade Fire a year ago. It looks like The Strokes will play at least one concert in Europe in 2015.

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KROQ interviews Julian Casablancas, Jake from The Voidz

November 6, 2014

Update: Here’s another long interview. I enjoyed this:

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Everything’s cool with The Strokes

October 20, 2014

2nd, there were times with theStrokes when maybe we had some issues, but they are resolved now (and have been for a little while now) — Julian Casablancas (@Casablancas_J) October 20, 2014 and i very much enjoy playing with them! — Julian Casablancas (@Casablancas_J) October 20, 2014

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Listen: Julian Casablancas + The Voidz on Sirius XM

October 16, 2014

Listen to M.A.D. here. Father Electricity here. Where No Eagles Fly here. Also, here is a recent interview Julian did with a radio station in Philly.

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Julian Casablancas on how he feels about The Strokes

October 15, 2014

Rolling Stone has posted its article about Julian online. It can be read here. The story winds through some familiar terrain and includes a few things Strokes fans will find interesting (they’re posted below) before getting to the final paragraph, which packs a wallop and speaks volumes about why Julian hasn’t wanted to tour with The […]

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Complete ‘Tyranny’ lyrics

October 13, 2014

1. Take Me in Your Army Something to do, something to do When you don’t want it anymore, I was not ready for the podium yet Just the stage In all my dreams I’m waiting for you, Innovators and shameless imitators, The best time is when I feel your lashes lashing me Take me in […]

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Interviews: Julian Casablancas talks to the Daily Beast, the Guardian

October 9, 2014

The Daily Beast posted an interview with Julian this morning, and it’s worth reading. It covers many topics he’s been asked about, like: politics, staying true to himself and moving out of New York City. He also addresses the brunch comment he made in GQ. You mentioned “pre-Revolution Versailles” before, and compared it to contemporary New […]

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