Julian Casablancas Expected To Release Second Solo Album in 2012?

by Eric Van Dril · 51 comments

Julian Casablancas will release his second solo album next year, according to this story, which is mostly about Julian promoting a new French cologne.

At the end, the writer just slips in a little bit about the release of Julian’s next solo record. (Forewarning: Stories like this are often wrong. Less than a year ago, a publication wrote that Danielle Haim was working with Julian on his new solo record and retracted it. French Rolling Stone also wrote about a Strokes love triangle.)

Via Hanan, who’s fluent in French, comes this summary of the article linked to above…

It says that this brand is loved by Mediterranean people, some famous people like enrique iglesias but they were surprised that Jules, the strokes’ sexy singer endorsed the fragrance and represents it. It’s called eastern power and jules will compose music for the commercial
There will be an accompanying body wash and shampoo and deodorant line and the end says that the strokes are supporting their new album Angles, ts will play paris on july 20 and his new solo album is expected next year.

So…Phrazes II. First, do you think this is valid? Would a publication like this have that kind of breaking news?

If it is true, is this something you’re excited about? More importantly, what type of impact do you think Julian’s second solo album will have on The Strokes?

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