Fans Of The Killers Like The Strokes, Yet Do Not Like My Superiority Complex

by Eric Van Dril · 17 comments

Julian wears sunglasses, Brandon wears mascara. Sounds about right.

Fans of the Killers do not like me.

I once wrote a take down post of The Killers on my old website. This morning, I posted a tweet which said “The Killers’ drummer has a new solo record. It was produced by Joe Chicarelli… The Killers, once again copy The Strokes.”

Multiple solo records from a very popular band with 10 letters in its name and Chicarelli? Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

In response, this was posted on The Killers’ fan community: “”Do The Strokes have Joe on an exclusive contract???? I think not… producers can work with multiple artists without it being a “copy” of any kind. A bit of envy there I think. The Killers are now just as big as The Strokes and in my opinion have way more potential over the long run. Just sayin’….. I have nothing against The Strokes and I do like their music.”

Apparently they’re bashing me on their H2E-type site. Here’s my response to fans of The Killers…

Yes, it’s true; I have a superiority complex. I firmly believe The Strokes are the best band in the world and The Killers, to a certain extent, copied The Strokes’ model for their success. Hot Fuss sounds a lot like The Strokes, The Killers’ name is extremely similar to The Strokes’, etc.

The tweet about Ronny’s solo album was a joke and Killers fans should take it as such. Obviously The Strokes don’t have an exclusive deal with Chicarelli. Hell, they dumped Chicarelli and produced the record themselves because it sounded like garbage.

But any chance I get to bash The Killers I’m going to do it. Why you ask? Because The Strokes are superior and here is the evidence: