Advice For First-Time Music Festival Attendees

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I think, at the end of this five-day series of posts, I’m going to piece together a post that focuses primarily on different strategies on getting to the front for The Strokes. That’s probably been the most thoroughly covered topic from your submissions. That and, of course, the different way to smuggle drugs into a festival.

We’ll kick things off with Michala, who unfortunately can’t make this year’s show. If it makes you feel any better Michala, I’m trying to figure out a way to set up a webcast. I know a method I could use, I just have to figure out logistics and how the sound-quality is on my phone.

Without further ado, here’s Michala’s thorough advice to first timers specifically tailored for Lollapalooza.


for lollapalooza, my advice is to eventually work your way to the very front. you will not have to leave to pee because you don’t stop sweating at all. and, if you’re in the very front, the security guards will give you a drink of water whenever you ask (it got so hot last year that they just handed out water bottles for free).. however, this does not mean you should go in right when it opens and camp out at the stage Jules will be playing. you should see as many bands as you want to see in the morning, then head over there a couple hours early (especially since the black keys play before them, don’t miss them), grab something to eat on the way, and camp out til its time. i know in my experience, i’ve been at the very very very front for several shows, and you really dont have to show up 10 hours early to accomplish that. you just have to be ready to gain serious ground right after one band finishes and then SIT down for an hour while you wait for the next band to come out. no reason to stand up, you’ll get tired.
other advice: bandanas and sunscreen. camel packs are also amazing inventions, but they have to be empty when you go in..
oh yea, and as far as everything that Steven guy wrote, i think he’s thinking it’s more of a bonnaroo-type festival. because at Lolla, you don’t sleep in tents, you don’t really need to bring toilet paper, and they do actually go through purses and backpacks.

More advice available after the jump.


You’re a guy, so you’re fortunate enough to be able to avoid the portaloos as much as possible, but you need to be prepared for how horrible they are.
Bring whatever food you need with you, as its ridiculously expensive, eg. noodles were £7
Try to avoid rapists wearing masks of the queen of england’s face, although that was probably a rarer situation!


Take two or three canteens, fill them halfway with ice then the rest with water. Trust me. Water is your best friend.


Bring water, travel toliet paper ($3 at Walgreens) was a great investment, and a FULLY CHARGED camera, if you’re like me and want to capture every moment (including the train ride home)


check the weather check the weather and again check the weather so you can prepare properly, last time i was at a festival with nothing but two pairs of shorts and a pair of converse in a weekend of rain with a NON-waterproof tent. idiocy at its highest level.


My advice to a first timer would be never ever ever bother queueing up for a shower at a festival. Took me nearly 4 hours and the shower was shit. Just use a bowl of water and soap, or wet wipes.


Bring lots of Water. Sometimes lines for water are ridiculous. And bring a camera. Disposable bring like 4. Youre gonna wanna remember it. And if YOU enjoy banned substances, i recommend taking it easy before ze strokes. I mean treat yourself but dont go crazy. Things can get outta hand at festivals hahaha. I dont remember half of the Mars Volta. Although i do know it was awesome. But you’re gonna wanna remember the strokes forever.

Lisa C:

Be careful with what you eat, like langos. You don’t want to feel sick before your favourite band is going to play.


try keep your tent as clean as possible, bring toilet roll


comfortable shoes! Everybody should always bring 1 more option  to wear*bring those cleaning wet towels – they are always good!


Oooh to a first timer… well im presuming Lolla and other American festivals are alot different to Irish/UK festivals so my advice probably wont suit too much. But i suppose something that applies to all festivals is – BRING LOTS OF FACIAL WIPES. Seriously. Those things will get you through more than you can imagine.


If you’d like to meet up for Lollapalooza to hang out with fellow hardcore Strokes fans and  push our way to the front of the Budweiser Stage on Friday, email your number to me at I’ll send then send you a text and then we’ll be in contact in the days leading up to the concert.

I already know of six people who are interested in meeting up, which might be a scary proposition at first thought. But given the importance to most people who read this site to make it to the front to see The Strokes, I think this might be the best and safest bet. Plus, it’ll be fun. Promise.

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1 Michala July 22, 2010 at 9:21 am

Wow, i should probably proofread things before i send them.. talk about rambling..
also, what are langos?

2 Sara July 25, 2010 at 4:45 pm

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