Watch: The Strokes Play ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ And ‘Taken For A Fool’ on ‘Jools Holland’

by Eric Van Dril · 52 comments

I was working until just now, so my apologies for this being about 6 hours late. But here are Under Cover of Darkness and Taken For A Fool from tonight’s Jools Holland episode.

The reviews have been mixed on the social media sites. What do you think?

You’re So Right will air Friday night on the extended version. You can download today’s videos here.

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1 The Storks May 22, 2011 at 1:04 pm

@ GipperGrey, the problem isn’t that Julian is just changing the lyrics just for the hell of it. In some case, I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose, I think he’s just not putting the proper effort into it. Other times, I think he’s just screwed them up by accident. Watch his performances of Taken For A Fool on Letterman, or UCoD on SNL, and he clearly knows he’s messing up. But the question is, how much is that due to him simply not putting forth an effort?

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