UPDATED: ‘All The Time’ is the name of the first single from Strokes V, and Strokes V appears to be completed

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Update: I’ve confirmed with Mike Kaplan, the Program Director at 107.7 The End, that “All The Time” is indeed the first single from the Strokes’ new album. Kaplan has also heard some of the other songs on the record — he said they all sound “amazing” and added that the fan base won’t be disappointed — and will provide advanced notice as to when 107.7 will premiere the first single once the station gets the green light from RCA Records. So, the album appears to be completed. UPDATED

Update 2: 107.7 just posted on their website that, of the two songs they’ve heard, “One was a more synth driven track, with the other …”All The Time” packing a classic strokes sound.” UPDATED

It’s starting.

(107.7 posted this late on Wednesday)

(photo via. And “mike” is most likely program director Mike Kaplan.)

Soooo, I’d say the new single comes out within the next couple weeks if this is indeed true (remember, 107.7 is the station that leaked Machu and TFAF). Unlike Strokes IV, it obviously doesn’t seem as if there’s a super-secret seal on the first single. Moreover, I’d say to expect the new record in the first half of this year (!) and probably some tour dates to follow.

What does everybody else think? Oh, and who do you think wrote “All the Time”? My money is on a Nick-Jules-Albert collaboration.

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